About DARN

The Disability and Advocacy Research Network is for folks with disabilities in psychology at any career stage (including students).

We also welcome allies and those who study, work with, and/or teach about disability. Following a social model perspective, anyone who identifies or is viewed by others as having a disability can be considered to have a disability. This includes but is not limited to physical, sensory, cognitive, invisible, chronic illness, and mental health conditions. DARN facilitates community building, mentoring, professional development, and resource sharing. We are a volunteer-led collective. 


Headshot of Kathleen Bogart from the shoulders up wearing an orange necklace in front of green bushes.

Kathleen Bogart

Associate Professor, Oregon State University

Headshot of Lisa Aspinwall from the shoulders up in a navy blouse in front of a bookshelf.

Lisa Aspinwall

Professor, University of Utah

Smiling headshot of Afrooz Ghadimi in overalls with a blue sky and green grass behind her.

Afrooz Ghadimi

Clinical Research Coordinator, University of British Columbia


Communication Managers: Emily Doffing and Hannah Mundinger

Special Projects Manager: Renée Beach

Volunteers: Thomas Dirth, Emily Doffing, Nazanin Heydarian, Georgia Tania Karalioliou, Jordan Rubin-McGregor, William Meese, Hannah Mundinger, David Myers, Joan Ostrove, Nicole Rosa, Lisa Rubin, Carolyn Shivers, and Katie Wang!

DARN Groups

The main way to connect with DARN and learn about upcoming events is to join our Google Group.

Additionally, we have three special interest subgroups

DARN Research Subgroup

Co-led by Jordan Rubin-McGregor and William Meese

A group for folks in psychology interested in researching disability or researching while disabled.


DARN Teaching Subgroup

Co-led by Kathleen Bogart and Nicole Rosa

A group for folks in psychology interested in teaching about disability or teaching while disabled.


DARN Health Service Providers Subgroup

Co-led by Jennifer Pearlstein, Renée Beach, and Crystal Lundmark

A group for students and professionals in clinical, counseling, or school psychology interested in disability issues.


DARN was founded in September 2021 when it was funded by a Community Catalyst Grant from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.