A DARN Conversation: Resisting Ableism in Psychology

The next virtual DARN meeting will be an interactive conversation about ableism. 

Friday, October 7 |  12-1 PM Pacific/3-4 PM Eastern

Join DARN members Thomas Dirth, Kathleen Bogart, Amanda Hemmesch, and Joan Ostrove for a panel and breakout discussion of ableism in psychology. We will define and provide examples of ableist approaches and practices in psychological research, training, and policy. From there, we will facilitate a reimagining of common disciplinary assumptions and practices and chart potential avenues to resist ableism moving forward.

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  1. I can’t figure out how to register for this event. When I click on the link to register, it takes me to the general website instead of an online form I can fil out to register. After doing a search under “events” on that website, I still couldn’t find a way to register. I don’t usually have trouble registering for these kinds of events, but maybe I’m missing something in this case?

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