A DARN Conference on Teaching about Disability in Psychology: Videos

Recordings from the entire conference are now available!

About the Conference

DARN’s inaugural conference, the first conference on teaching about disability in psychology, was held on October 6 and 7, 2023 as a free virtual event. Videos of each presentation are posted below.


Conference Co-Directors: Dr. Carolyn Shivers and Dr. Kathleen Bogart

Conference planning committee: Dr. Lisa Aspinwall, Georgia Tania Karalioliou, Dr. Lisa Rubin, and Dr. Nicole Rosa

Communication managers: Emily Doffing and Hannah Mundinger

Captioning editor: Renée Beach

Grant funding for this event was provided by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Zoom hosting was provided by Oregon State University. 

Conference Introduction: Dr. Kathleen Bogart


Keynote: Dr. Michelle Nario-Redmond | The Sources of Ableism and its Undoing: A Call to Psychology


Dr. Thomas Dirth | Empowering Disability and Disability Empowered: A 4-Model Framework for Teaching Disability in Psychology


Panel: Dr. Carolyn Shivers, Dr. Nicole Rosa, and Dr. Lisa Rubin | Disrupting the Most Common Arguments Against Inclusion in the Classroom


Keynote: Dr. Rhoda Olkin | Disability Studies and Psychology: Still not Holding Hands


Dr. Nestor Matthews | Raising Disability Awareness through the Teaching of Sensation & Perception


Panel: Dr. Sandra Leon-Villa, Dr. Bertranna Muruthi, and Dr. Katie Wang | Disability and Intersectionality


Q&A Panel: Dr. Kathleen Bogart and Georgia, Tania Karalioliou

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